Group Cruise Questions

General Cruise Questions


Group Cruise Questions

Who is Dancing Moon Travel?

What does a group cruise vacation entail?

A group travel event is above all an incredible opportunity to build lifetime memories with friends, family & followers.   New experiences and exotic destinations are always more fun if they are shared.  The camaraderie as you break bread together at dinner and share your day’s experiences is priceless, whether you are traveling with friends and family, a hobby or special interest group, or with business associates.  In addition, a group travel event – whether by land or by sea – can offer special amenities and private events customized specifically for your group.  Whether you want to just enjoy extended time to reconnect with friends and family, celebrate a milestone event, or host your own branded motivational or educational event – a group travel event offers an unparalleled opportunity for group bonding and team building.

What's Included in your cruise fare?

Food, food and more food! - All of your meals and snacks throughout the day in the main dining areas are included with your cruise. Room service is also a nice alternative and is usually complimentary but please inquire on your cruise as some late night requests may involve a nominal service charge. Many of today's ships offer optional premium specialty restaurants that charge a nominal fee.

How many travelers are in a cruise group?

Is the entire ship reserved for this special event?

Are the group cruise activities/amenities available to anyone onboard the ship?

No, people must book into our private event to take advantage of our exclusive onboard program and amenities.

Do you match a solo traveler with roommates? What if I prefer my own room?

Are the prices quoted based on sharing a cabin?

How much is my deposit and when is my final payment due?

Can I book shore excursions through Dancing Moon Travel?

Where do I sit in the dining room?

How do I find any scheduled onboard special events?

Can we meet any of the travelers on our cruise before we depart?


General Cruise Questions

Do I need a passport?

What are the tipping guidelines?

When should I plan on arriving for my cruise?

What happens in the event of a hurricane?

Do many passengers get seasick?

Most passengers do not experience motion sickness on today's modern cruise ships because of their large size, stabilizing devices and advance weather notification systems. If you feel you might be prone to motion sickness, there are a number of over-the-counter medications available in your local pharmacy as well as onboard the ship.  Many motion sensitive people (including the owner of Dancing Moon Travel!) swear by the Scopalamine patch, available by prescription.  If this is of interest, discuss the pro’s and con’s of “the patch” with your physician.

What should I pack?

Can I bring alcohol or other drinks?

Generally speaking, most cruise lines no longer allow you to bring beverages on board. There are exceptions so we suggest contacting Dancing Moon Travel for more information. Any alcohol purchased on board or in port will be held until you disembark the vessel. 

What if I need to cancel my cruise?

What is travel insurance? Do I need it?

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